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Hi, it's Benjamin, your English coach, and I'm here to help you speak fluently in less than 90 days!  

You will speak English with confidence and others will be able to understand you much better. 

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It was a fun and joyful experience doing the exercises with Adam that help loosen me up and let go of tension to open up to my natural voice.


Scheme Modelling Analyst, From the Ukraine, living and working in London.

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Benjamin combines core English skills with the tips he has picked up from his time in acting. I improved my pronunciation and tone of voice in social settings. Uplifting and fun!


Aviation Industry

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Excellent English teacher. Back when I was unsure on how to give a presentation of my product I was recommended to Benjamin, a great teacher on YouTube with great teaching skills, who guided me and gave me the confidence I needed.


Business owner, Indonesia

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Benjamin is very professional. During the class, we talked a lot about how to pass the interview. After practising, I got two offers from two different companies in a few days, which was amazing. I really appreciate his help. He is very attentive and can provide me with feedback on my weakness. I am sure I will schedule more classes with him shortly. I highly recommend him!


IT support technician, China

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I am really glad I met Benjamin. I discovered his YouTube channel and contacted him after finding the videos very helpful. Benjamin is a very talented teacher and storyteller. He knows how to craft great stories and helped me be a better marketer. Thank you, Benjamin.


Freelance Marketing Professional, France / USA

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Benjamin organised an amazing time for me in London. For me, it was the best way to learn English as I was seeing the city and doing so many wonderful things and all the time talking English. I saw the English countryside, met his friends and went to the best places in London – it was great!


Saudi Arabia

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I studied with Susie for a few months and I'm so glad I got a chance to learn English with her.  She always uses creative and efficient ways to explain even the most non-trivial grammar cases. Susie quickly identified my achilles heels and adjusted my lessons to dive into tricky topics. I seriously improved my grammar skills. Lastly, I have understood how to use articles  and when and how to use conditional :). It was really fortune to be her student. 


Project Manager, Russia. 

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Unfortunately, we are physically unable to serve more than a handful of customers while simultaneously delivering strong results.

Our service is in high demand. To work with us, you will need to meet our criteria and demonstrate that you are serious about achieving your goals.

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