1:1 classes


Take 1:1 classes if you want to:

  • Have total confidence in your English.

  • Instantly create rapport with native speakers.

  • Speak with perfect pronunciation so that you are never misunderstood again!

  • Develop a resonant and melodious voice so that people want to listen to you.

  • Land your dream job in an English speaking country.

Case study

Dora came to me wanting to improve his English so that he could get a new job. After just a couple of sessions, he was feeling so much more confident with his English that he started applying for new jobs. I gave him help with his C.V. and prepared him for each interview that he was invited to. Within two months he had received several different job offers and was able to significantly increase his income.


It’s as easy as a – b – c!

a) Book a meeting and tell me exactly what you want help with.

b) We speak.

c) I put together a programme for you that meets your needs and objectives.

Success is like an elevator: you decide which floor you get off on. Why get out on the basement?

(Alex Jeffreys)

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