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1:1 Classes


Why should I take classes?

Take classes with us if you’re getting frustrated with your English. Take classes with us if you have an interview soon and you want to get the job. Take classes with us if you want to speak better English with more confidence and expression.

How do 1:1’s work?

Following a 15 minute needs analysis, I will put together a programme of study that meets your needs. My experts can help you improve your English; develop your voice and we can help with business skills like how to interview well or give good presentations. Scheduling your classes is effortless as we use scheduling software to save on time-consuming emails.



1 x 45 min class = £ 50

4 x 45 min classes = £ 180

8 x 45 min classes = £ 321

Please note that we do not provide classes to clients under the age of 18.  

Click on a time that suits you: